MIPC would like to pay respects to the traditional owners of the island that we share, past , present and emerging.

Ngugi People

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MIPC newsletter Jan–June 2021

MIPC newsletter Aug–Dec 2020

Joint Management at the Cape

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jul 2020

Clean up Australia Day 2020

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2019

Native Title officially recognised

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jun 2019

BCC funds to keep Moreton Cane toad free

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2018

Restriction to access on Little Sandhills

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jun 2018

Wildfire started by lightning

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2017

Controlled burn destroys Casuarina grove

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jun 2017

Pandanus dieback

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2016

Cape Carpark plantings to reduce future fuel loads

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jun 2016

Iconic Moreton Lighthouse diminished by new tower

MIPC newsletter Jan–Dec 2015

The Wrecks: an icon dismantled

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2014

Native title claim lodged over Moreton Island (Mulgumpin)

MIPC newsletter Jan–Jun 2014

Moreton still cane toad free - help keep it that way!

MIPC newsletter Aug–Dec 2013

Tens of thousands of Shearwaters don't make it home

MIPC newsletter Apr–Jul 2013

Expressions of Interest called for ecotourism facilities/resorts in National Parks

MIPC newsletter Jan–Mar 2013

Tourist operation proposed for Cape Moreton

MIPC newsletter Jul–Dec 2012

National Park lands to be leased for resorts

MIPC eBulletin May 2012

Re-opening of beach safety zones to vehicles

MIPC eBulletin Mar 2012

Queensland Tourism pushes to open National Parks for tourist developments

MIPC eBulletin Nov 2011

Trip report, nature notes, Cape Moreton information centre

MIPC eBulletin Sep 2011

AGM & trip reports

MIPC newsletter Apr–Jun 2008

Resort proposed for Cape Moreton

MIPC newsletter Jan–Mar 2008

Moreton Bay Marine Park: your chance to help preserve its unique beauty

MIPC newsletter Oct–Dec 2007

Draft Bay Zoning Plan released

MIPC newsletter Jul–Sep 2007

MIPC makes an application for Envirofund Grant

MIPC newsletter Apr–Jun 2007

Moreton Bay still in the balance

MIPC newsletter Jan–Mar 2007

Governments releases Marine Aquaculture green paper

MIPC newsletter Oct–Dec 2006

Moreton Bay Marine Park: Natures Nursery, Brisbane’s aquatic playground

MIPC newsletter Jul–Sep 2006

The legend of the lightning's playground

MIPC newsletter Apr–Jun 2006

Minister looks for balance on quads?

MIPC newsletter Oct–Dec 2005

Shifting Sands published by Moreton Island Protection Committee

MIPC newsletter Jul–Sep 2005

Proposed constitutional change, trip reports

MIPC newsletter Apr–Jun 2005

Million Dollar compensation paid to Sun Aqua

MIPC newsletter Jan–Mar 2005

Cane toads establishing a bridgehead on Moreton

MIPC newsletter Feb–Jun 2003

Fish Cage draft EIS released

MIPC newsletter Jan 2003

Rage against the Fish Cage

MIPC newsletter Jul–Sep 2002

Fish Cage Protest