North Point nursery

In 2007 a native plant nursery was established at North Point using MIPC volunteer labour under the supervision of QPWS rangers. This now provides native plants for use in the regeneration of the campground and other degraded areas.

The project involved relocating the nursery shed and shade house from Ben-Ewa, the construction of eight of the planned twelve ‘grow out’ tables which can accommodate 100 seedlings each, and the set up of an automatic watering system, and undercover work bench. 

MIPC has planted over 3,400 trees at the Cape to maintain the natural biodiversity of the endemic native plant species. The main species planted are Casuarina, Banksia, Pandanus, Tuckeroo, Cypress, Pigface etc. Without this effort the Cape would be a much more desolate place and subject to increased erosion.

MIPC plantings at Cape Moreton

As at January 2021

Big Gully1,600
Cape carpark160
Below the graves347
North Point715

All these areas of the Cape now show good signs of revegetation and increasing natural regrowth. Plantings are all of seed stock from the island – grown and potted at our North Point Nursery. This is a valuable asset to Mulgumpin.