Cane toad campaign

Moreton Island is one of the few locations in coastal Queensland where cane toads have not established, but increased findings of cane toads and eDNA suggests that we all need to be more vigilant.

MIPC volunteers Christine Sanders and Greg Curtis have provided on ground support for Brisbane City Council’s annual cane toad detection and public education campaign.

You can help by checking your camping and fishing gear for cane toads before travelling to the island. You can also report cane toad sightings on the island to a Park Ranger. For more information about keeping cane toads off Moreton Island, visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Cane toad campaign reports

Cane toad stories

MIPC member Diana Dawson has created a series of 30-second videos showing how visitors can help keep Mulgumpin's cane toad free status. Watch the videos below.